Erik at NYCC 2015

sam haze news small final versionSo if you’re at New York City Comic Con stop by and see Erik! He’s at Q18 and sketchin’ up a storm from the looks of it. Of course if you’re NOT at NYCC don’t despair. He’s generally pretty good about posting these gems to his facebook sketch gallery. WHICH YOU CAN FIND HERE. Take for instance this gem! Looks like a certain alien we all know is vacationing in a galaxy far far away. We know for sure he tends to shoot first so thankfully no disputes there.


Dragon Fan-Weekend Art Show!

Hey Guys and Gals! One of the things I’ve been meaning to do since we started this fan blog for fin fans is to spotlight some of the terrific Savage Dragon related fan art from fans! So without further delay I’ll let the art do the talking. Yes. This is completely farmed out of the deviant art savage dragon group. I highly advise you check it out for yourself here: CLICK FOR OH SO MANY TALENTED SAVAGE DRAGON FANS    Update: Just found a Supreme pic I had to share too! It’s got super patriot! 😀

Officer Dragon by i09 (click here from this artist)

Savage Dragon by Spider Guile and colors by MarkHRoberts (click each artists name for more)

Savage dragon by Auronasia (click for more from artist)

Wilde Star by Scott James (click for more from artist)

Dart by Wagnerf (click for more from artist )

Thanks to all these awesome artists and be sure to check out the Fin Addicts Art Group for more!

BONUS: (Not from the Fin Addicts Art group .. but oh so sweet..)

Supreme and the Allies by GortAGoGo (click for more from the artist)

Awesome Cory Walker Art of the Savage Dragon Cast

So it’s Friday. Just thought I’d throw some awesome images your way. Have you been checking out Cory Walker’s (Invincible, Science Dog) awesome sketch blog? If not you should, Dragon Fans! Ok, well you should for just art’s sake anyway. But there’s more than a few Dragon related sketches up and they’re of course sharp as a tack. I’m only wanting to share a few, but I encourage you to check out the rest here:

Here we have Dragon, She Dragon, Powerhouse , and Star:

And here’s a heat packin’ Dragon:

By the way!! If you dig Savage Dragon, Invincible, Cory’s art, or any mixture of the three you should definitely check out this trade collection by Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible) and Cory. It’s a recent release too, so it should be easy to find at your local comic shop, in digital version, at amazon, from a trust worthy looking hobo..whatever.