Clayburn Moore Studios is Producing a Dart Statue!

sam haze news small final versionClayburn Moore Studios, the company that brought you the Savage Dragon and She-Dragon statues are collaborating with Erik again, this time on a Dart statue.

On their Facebook page, the studio stated:

“Today’s hint about who the subject of the newest Clayburn Moore/Erik Larsen collaboration might be: It’s DART, an acrobat who throws darts at people and who possesses the God Sword which can CUT THROUGH ANYTHING!!! –okay that hint was a little bit blatant, but this figure is shaping up to have a sense of movement, charisma and of course Beauty!”

Six or seven photos of the rough sculpt can be seen at:

Dart sculpt

Check out this Unreleased Savage Dragon Statue

Hey! Check it out! Here’s a pretty awesome (and unreleased) Savage Dragon Statue that was brought to our attention. The prototype (pictured below) was found on the site of a company called Solid Image Arts.  The creator of the statue, Dan Platt, states he was working for Mattel in the mid 90’s when he made the piece. It was originally intended to go before Erik Larsen (Dragon’s creator) for license approval, but production never went forward. Apparently only one version of the statue was ever cast from the original sculpture. Dan states the original piece isn’t in his possession and he’s not certain of whatever happened to the cast copy. The molds are lost as well.  Man it’d be awesome to come across that somewhere!

Feast your eyes on the pics below. A special thanks to Stefan (from the official Savage Dragon Forum)  for finding this and following up on it. An extra special thanks to Dan Platt for digging through thousands of (non digital) photos to give us fin heads an extra glimpse of this sweet statue! Much appreciation to both of you, Sirs!