The Secret Origin of Dino Cop

another fan FINAL copySo! Dino Cop, eh? Homage… Parody.. Where’d he come from? Why now? Let’s dig in a bit shall we! Maybe there’s some insight to be gained…


So first off let’s meet Dino Cop.

Dino+CopFor those who might not be aware, I’ll catch you up quick. In DC comics current event “Multiversity” there is a threat attacking the entire mutliverse. Every parallel dimension is in trouble so naturally all the heroes of all the worlds end up working together to save the day. At the center of the multiverse is the hall of heroes where all the cream of the crop are being united to lead this effort and that Savage Dragonesque fellow you see there to your left is Dino Cop. He’s been given the lofty task of driving the command chair so not only has he been recognized as one of the best in the multiverse he’s also been given an important role within the hall of heroes. But the question on everyone’s mind when he showed up is “huh?”. Image comics has been casually referenced in DC and Marvel here and there in the past. There were even Savage Dragon analogues kicking about in both Marvel and DC before this. But this is different. Here in Multiversity we’re not only getting a Savage Dragon parallel, we’re getting Spawn, Youngblood, and an entire earth designated for Image Comics analogues. Veeeeery interesting indeed. The question then is why? Or rather what brought it about.  I feel I’ve made a connection or two that’s at least a plausible suggestion. First thing to note is the time frame around Multiversity’s creation. Multiversity may have only just recently released.. but it’s been in the work for a very long time… years and years. The earliest mention of it being 2009. Although clearly it’s likely had to mutate somewhat to incorporate more current events of the DCU. Now knowing that Grant Morrison is an Alan Moore fan is also important and once you make that connection it’s pretty obvious how Dino Cop came about…


In 2012, Image Comics published the final issue of Alan Moore’s long unfinished Supreme run. Supreme #63. Erik Larsen did layouts, Cory Hamscher drew it, and Alan wrote it long ago before the book was canned. Afterwards Erik picked up the ball and ran for a short stint, but let’s take into account some things. As a Moore fan, Grant likely would have read this issue at the very minimum. In it Dax Daxter (the Lex Luthor analogue) gets the idea from a comic that there are parallel worlds and organizes an effort of all his parallel selves to attack en masse all the Supremes in their dimension. If this sounds familiar to Multiversity fans that’s because it is. In Multiversity: Thunderworld Adventures #1 Dr. Sivana (Shazam’s arch nemesis) does virtually the exact same thing. Learning of parallel worlds via a comic he organizes his alternate selves into a collected effort to rule the Multiverse.

TMVTW-SMP-2Here’s Dax remarking on how strange it was to make the discovery via Comic book…(forgive the cheap jack cell phone photo)


And Dr. Sivana also thinking it’s quite strange. heh heh..


And if all this sounds familiar to Savage Dragon fans then it is! That’s because parallel dimension versions of a villain working together to help themselves dominate the multiverse was actually the same plan Damian Darklord hatched back in 1997! Invincible fans may note Angstrom Levy also made a similar effort after a fashion.. although his efforts started off more benevolent.

DarklordNow I’m not saying “HEY! That idea came from Savage Dragon!”. Grant has gone on record as saying that the idea for universes communicating via comics came from the early Flash stories where the Flash took his name from the golden age comics of flash only to later MEET that same Flash (and in fact DC has always had a weird connection between comics and their reality). However I feel it’s entirely possible that Grant could have read Supreme #63 because of Alan Moore, and gone on to read some Savage Dragon because of Erik’s involvement, enjoyed it, and decided to pay homage to Savage Dragon in the pages of Multiversity. Morrison has been known to pay homage to the works of writers he likes in the pages of his work (as seen when nods and winks to Warren Ellis’ planetary appeared in his Marvel Boy run). So this is not out of character for him. It’s a funny coincidence ( or maybe it was intentional?) that Dino Cop tells superman he was a huge fan as a kid and in the recent San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum speech Erik mentioned having Dragon meet Superman was a bit of a child hood dream (which as we know was later realized in the Savage Dragon/ Superman crossover comic).

At anyrate it’s just a thought and not one I’d really seen touched upon anywhere else. What do you think?

ALSO OF NOTE: I’m not unconvinced that fellow next to Dino Cop isn’t super patriot.
















The official DCU copy for EARTH 41 (making it crystal clear that Earth 41 is Image):
A dark and often violent world, the nations and communities of Earth-41 vary greatly, existing largely independent of each other and standing united as a world only during rare times of great peril. Perhaps unsurprisingly, much the same can be said of its heroes, who all differ greatly in their look, philosophy and interests. In fact, one could say that it’s almost as if each one was dreamt up by a different individual to represent their image of an ideal super hero. (As seen here)

Versus the copy that was actually published in Multiversity Guidebook #1 which is more vague:

A dark and violent world. home of the “necro floral” avenger Spore, gruff Dino-Cop, Nimrod Squad, nightcracker, The Scorpian, and Sepulchre.

Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 14: “The Supremecast”

download podcast finalPodcast description from the website: The Savage FINcast takes a break this episode to usher in the first (and final) episode of THE SAVAGE SUPREMECAST! It’s a double dose of Supreme this episode as Craig, Jim, and Raven give Erik Larsen and Cory Hamscher’s run a send off in a grand manner by reviewing the final two issues back-to-back!   Who is the Super-Hero Champion of the World? Will the depowered Supremes regain their powers? What really happened to the Supremacy? Why are ducks so awesome? So many questions, but so little time! *yeek*


00:50 – Introductions
01:25 – Erik Larsen News (Supreme Vol.1 hardcover collection)
10:30 – Erik Larsen News (Gavin Higginbotham, new Savage Dragon editor)
14:54 – Erik Larsen News (Solicitation for Savage Dragon 187)
21:04 – Supreme 67 review
01:08:45 – Supreme 68 review


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Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 12: “Ant and Anniversaries” feat. Erik Larsen!

Podcast description from the website: Where does the time go? 365…ish days ago a band of intrepid Savage Dragon fans set out on a mission to talk about their favorite comic and post the results on the internet. They said they were crazy, that it couldn’t work. But… THEY. WERE. WRONG.

The Savage FINcast is one years old this month, with 14 episodes and 6 creator interviews to show for it. Not bad for a show that primarily focuses on one comic book title, eh? To celebrate their one year anniversary, Craig, Jim, and Raven reflect on old times from long ago; from the high points to the low. Then Erik Larsen returns to talk about his purchase of Mario Gully’s Ant character, the status of the Supreme comic, what Kickstarter might mean for comic creators, and what the future holds for Savage Dragon as it enters its 20th year of publication!

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Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 11: “Who Reads Those Gossip Rags, Anyway?”

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New Updates for the Supreme Comic!

Cory Hamscher recently announced on his Facebook account  that he wrapped up his stint on Supreme:

“Avengers Academy is wrapped. Supreme is wrapped. Con season is over.”

Corey also added the following image, presumably from Supreme #67:

Additionally, Erik Larsen posted the following on his Facebook account today, November 8th:

“After much consideration and a loss of forward momentum I’ve decided to keep Supreme 68 as a normal-sized issue after all. I’m flying solo. I’m writing, pencilling and inking Supreme 68. Chris Eliopoulos is lettering and it’s Steve Oliff on colors, as usual. This is my swan song.”

So in conlusion, it looks like Corey has wrapped up the art on Supreme #67 and Erik will be finishing up his run on the series with complete art chores on a normal-sized Supreme #68.

New Image Released from Supreme Featuring the Son of Khrome!

Cory Hamcher, artist of Supreme (written by Erik Larsen) posted a new image of the yet unnamed son of Khrome, a soon-to-be villain within the book’s pages. We have previously seen Larsen’s rendition of the son of Khrome on the upcoming cover to Supreme #68. Now we get to see Hamcher’s version from the interiors:



Supreme by Tom Scioli? I Like the Sound of That!

Tom Scioli recently published what looks like a mock Supreme cover on his Facebook account (see image below). Scioli’s comments about the illustration indicate that he is making a pitch to Liefeld to take over the book after Larsen exits. Or…is the image from one of the back-up tales in the giant-sized issue #68 (Larsen’s final issue)?

Tom Sciloi’s description of the illustration:

“I’ve been thinking about Supreme. Here’s a quick drawing I did of Ethan Crane in an exo-suit made of repurposed Suprematon parts vs. Mean Supreme, with Optilux in a crystal skull spaceship.”

A Commentor Stated:

“Would love to see you do Supreme now! Have you contacted the relevant people about it?”

Tom Sciloi replied:

“Yes. It’s been a long time since I chased a work-for-hire job, but I’m feeling a pull towards the character. Alan Moore’s run was a formative comic for me.”

Larsen Interview @ CBR “Dragon 200, Ending Supreme, Acquiring a Character?”

Pretty sweet interview with Erik over at CBR. He talks about the future in all sorts of ways: things he’s got planned for issue 200 of Savage Dragon; ending Supreme; and most intriguing, acquiring  a new character from another artist. We’re super convinced that it’s ANT… but wildly speculate for yourself!

Supreme 68: Larsen’s Final Issue, an “80-Page Giant”

Erik Larsen announced on Twitter today that Supreme issue 68 will be his final issue of the series. Larsen also added some details on what to expect from his final issue.

The following messages were posted on Twitter by Erik:

“After much thought I’ve decided to end my run on Supreme with issue 68 and make it an 80-page giant. I can do more cool shit that way.”

“Supreme 68 won’t be all one big story there’ll be solo stories for Squeak, Sister Supreme, Lion-Headed Supreme and Original Supreme as well”

“The idea is to fully set the stage for whatever follows. To say: this is the world–these are the players.”

“Make no mistake, I had a ball on Supreme and @robertliefeld has been extremely supportive and hands off. He’s let me run wild with it.”

“But the reality is–I have a million things of my own I want to do and I can’t do everything. Something had to give.”

Rob Liefeld also used Twitter to chime in on Erik’s plans and dropped some information that is sure to keep Cory Hamscher fans happy:

“Erik has my favorite run on Supreme to date. He informed me before Comic- con that he was finishing his run. Can’t wait for the trade!”

“Cory Hamscher is GREAT on Supreme. I would not leave him out of the picture unless he wanted to move on as well.”

We here at Dragonfan sure hope Cory Hamscher decides to stick with the book!!!

Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 8: “Reality Bites”

Podcast description from the website:

Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 8: “Reality Bites”

BRAKKA-BA-DOOM!” In case you don’t know, that’s the sound of two super-humans colliding. It’s also the sound of ANOTHER SAVAGE FINCAST COMING AT’CHA! Craig and Jim are back again to talk about the reality warping events of SUPREME 66! After that, Jim takes a journey down memory lane to reexamine his first issue of Savage Dragon in a Retro Review of Savage Dragon 90!

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