Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 5: “Erik Larsen’s Supreme Takeover”

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Welcome back for our 5th ground shaking episode of The Savage FINcast! This episode we have with us the titanic Erik Larsen back again, this time to chat with us about the latest issue of Savage Dragon and his debut issue of Supreme!

Adam, Craig, and Jim also chat about comics, as they do.

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This Week’s Savage Fincast Podcast to Feature Erik Larsen!

Episode Five of the Savage Fincast Podcast will feature none other than Erik Larsen himself! Join us as we talk about the making of Supreme #63, which made it’s Extreme Comics relaunch debut last week and instantly sold out at the distributor level. In addition we discuss Savage Dragon #179 and the implications of the game-changing “Alien Invasion” story arc. Erik also recaps his time at the Image Expo and and what the future holds for the convention. As always, the Fincast gang also discusses the latest Erik Larsen related news, and whatever else tickles their fancy.

You don’t want to miss this one! Pull your Savage Dragon #179 and Supreme #63 comics out of thier poly-bags and study them– then prepare to listen along later this week as we go through the nitty-gritty details of the most trivial things in our favorite funny-mag as only the most obsessed Savage Dragon (and Supreme) fan could!

Stay tuned for the show date details!

The Reviews for Supreme #63 Confirm it’s a Hit!

The reviews for Supreme #63 are rolling in. It looks like it’s a hit, with many critics and fans eager to see how Erik Larsen moves forward with the title.

Here’s a few excerpts from various reviews and links to the full review:

Comic Book Resources:
(four out of five stars)
“Supreme #63 is a pleasant epilogue to Moore’s Supreme run, even as it serves up an excellent cliffhanger for Larsen to move forward. The sky was always the limit in Supreme, and I feel like it’s even more so in its final pages. Where is Larsen going to take Supreme? Thanks to Moore, the answer is clearly, “Wherever he can possibly imagine.” This is an excellent way to depart a series, even as it provides a final chapter that I didn’t realize I had been missing.”

“As good as Moore’s script is here, a lot of the credit for this book’s success needs to go to Larsen and Hamscher for their ability to match Moore’s ambitious script with visuals that rival the work of Gene Ha and Zander Cannon with Moore on Top Ten.”

“Written over a decade ago as the penultimate issue for Alan Moore’s second story on Rob Liefeld’s Superman analogue Supreme, Supreme #63 is very easy to pick up (as marketed) yet at the same time a fairly good conclusion to Alan Moore’s run on the character. While the door is left wide open for Erik Larsen to go in any direction he wants (this clearly is not a definitive ending) it reads as a good comic that is simultaneously a fond farewell to characters and a world while equally an excellent starting off point.”
Erik Larsen and Cory Hamscher’s art is a perfect fit for Moore’s playful and whimsical take on Supreme.  The style captures that idyllic, almost childlike Silver Age tone, and the sci-fi wonder of locations like Supreme’s Flying Citadel.”

Comic Book Revolution:
“Supreme #63 is a really fun start for this series. It is light on action but that is to its benefit. This issue is more concerned with having some fun and letting things build up. It plays around with some fun super villain concepts and it shows off how cool it is living in a house owned by a super hero. If you want a fun read then Supreme #63 delivers nicely.”

Deer in the Xenon Arc Lights Blog
“So yes Supreme is a very, very smart book but don’t let that scare you away; the meta-commentary is never really there for cerebrality, it’s for comedic and plot purposes only. Supreme will have you laughing in amazement and riveted by it’s freshness, you’ll be ripping through pages not stopping to scratch your chin and when the final page comes you’ll be dying to know what comes next, not to write an essay about form. This is the enjoyably insane Alan Moore that I’ve so missed and so it’s a shame that it has taken this book so long to arrive, but it’s here now so you’ve no excuse not to read it. Erik Larsen has his hands full following this run, good luck to him.”

The Savage Fincast Returns with Special Guest Frank Fosco

Podcast description from the website:

Savage FINcast – Episode 3: Chicago Style

Sorry about the delay, but the Savage FINcast returns! This episode we have a very special treat with Frank Fosco visiting the FINcast to share his insight into the world of comics.

For those who don’t know, Frank’s portfolio encompasses three decades of work illustrating comic books for Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse, among others.  He is best known for his work as the sole penciler on the 23-issue run of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” comic from Image Comics.  Additional career highlights include work on Marvel’s “Worlds Greatest Comic Magazine”, DC’s “Robin” and “Steel”, and back up stories in Erik Larsen’s “Savage Dragon” such as ”The Rock House Diner”, “Ethrian” (a character he created), and the current “Vanguard” serial.

Frank joins Jim, Adam, Craig, and Gavin as they talk Image Expo news, the solicitation of Supreme 63, dissect Savage Dragon 178, and examine the latest Vanguard back-up


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Larsen Talks to Comic Book Resources about Savage Dragon 178, Supreme 63, and More

Comic Book Resources spoke with Erik Larsen about “Savage Dragon” and his part in the relaunch of Rob Liefeld’s “Supreme”. Erik also discusses the state of Image Comics, what books he’s currently reading, and his thoughts on the shift towards digital.

When asked about drawing from Alan Moore’s script for issue 63 for Supreme, Erik stated the following:

“[It was] absolute hell. He does not write to my strengths and there were all kinds of things he asked for which were a pain in the ass to draw — there were panels with multiple things going on in the foreground and background and I spent a lot of time combing over other issues looking for reference. It was easily the most difficult script I’ve worked from. It was torture.”

Check it out the entire interview here: