Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 6: “Savage Worlds & Mean Supremes”

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Savage Fincast – Episode 6: “Savage Worlds & Mean Supremes”

Savage Fincast returns for its 6th episode! This time out Adam, Craig, & Jim talk about the latest issue of Supreme and the public reaction of Erik Larsen taking over writing duties from Alan Moore. Then they jump in the way-back machine to for a retro-review of Savage Dragon 81 and talk about what it was like to be reading the title when  the “This Savage World” era was in full swing.

This episode also sees the debut of the Savage FINcast on the Image Addiction podcast network! We’re glad to be a part!

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The Critics Enjoy Supreme’s New Direction Under Erik Larsen

The reviews for Supreme #64 are coming in and it looks like the critics are enjoying the first issue of Supreme written by Erik Larsen.

Here’s a few excerpts from the reviews and links to the full review:

Cape Town Community
“I loved this. Everything you need to know about Supreme is in this issue. He’s a dick and the only thing that matters to him is that he’s the number one bad-ass. What I also love is how simple the story was. The Supreme title over the years as been revamped more times than DC Comics, it’s also been over 10 years since Supreme had an ongoing and that starred Alan Moore’s Supreme, so its been close to 20 years since Rob Liefeld’s Supreme had a story. So its all together possible that fans were going to get stories of Rob Leifeld’s Supreme learning what happened to his world and blah blah blah. But Supreme #64 was so well executed Supreme knows what we know, so once again its a clean slate.  I don’t know where the book will go from here but the possibilities are endless. So says my Sight-Supreme.”
“It can’t be easy to pick up where Alan Moore left off, but Erik Larsen did a great job of picking up his unfinished story arc and running with it.  This is a comic that is action packed from the first page to the last… I’d definitely recommend this comic, and I’m interested in seeing where Larsen takes his idea of the unleashed “Jerk Supreme” in the upcoming issues.”

Image Addiction:
“The art is solid, with Cory Hamscher’s finishes successfully distinguishing the numerous versions of both Supreme and Dax, and doing an admirable job of channeling Liefeld in the face of “Mean” Supreme.  The layouts are very obviously Larsen’s, and at first glance, you might even mistake the finishes for his – but that’s not a bad thing. I was always a bigger fan of Liefeld’s take on a megalomaniacal Superman than of Moore’s thinly veiled Silver Age Superman, so I’m looking forward to the direction that Larsen takes the character now that he’s out from under Moore’s run, and is free to unleash his trademark carnage on the reborn Extreme Universe.”

The Savage Fincast Returns with Special Guest Frank Fosco

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Savage FINcast – Episode 3: Chicago Style

Sorry about the delay, but the Savage FINcast returns! This episode we have a very special treat with Frank Fosco visiting the FINcast to share his insight into the world of comics.

For those who don’t know, Frank’s portfolio encompasses three decades of work illustrating comic books for Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse, among others.  He is best known for his work as the sole penciler on the 23-issue run of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” comic from Image Comics.  Additional career highlights include work on Marvel’s “Worlds Greatest Comic Magazine”, DC’s “Robin” and “Steel”, and back up stories in Erik Larsen’s “Savage Dragon” such as ”The Rock House Diner”, “Ethrian” (a character he created), and the current “Vanguard” serial.

Frank joins Jim, Adam, Craig, and Gavin as they talk Image Expo news, the solicitation of Supreme 63, dissect Savage Dragon 178, and examine the latest Vanguard back-up


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