SPAWN #262 Final Cover art!

HELLO THERE SPAWN#262!!! Some how your final colored artwork managed to sneak under the radar!!! Well NOT SO FAST MISTER!!! We’ve got quite a good bit of #spawnthusiasm going here lately and we’d like you to join the party. Lookin’ mighty fine, FCO! Very gorgeous. Can’t wait to crack this baby open!



And the #spawnthusiasm continues!!! Here we see the final cover art for Spawn #260. If Al’s mission was to storm hell and save Wanda… THINGS DON’T LOOK TOO GOOD!! Anyway here’s hoping that the Maxine of Spawn manages to make it out ok. Poor Al Simmons has been through enough…he..torment.


SPAWN 261 Black & White Cover art!

HOLY HELL! Spawn Spawn Spawn.. who would have dreamed I’d be pumped for Spawn? Yet the hype remains real and palpable. Anyway Erik unleashed this blistering demon scape recently and I can’t stop staring into the cross hatch extravaganza. Hell never looked so heavenly. Color version to come as soon as it surfaces. #finthusiasm is being met with equal amounts of #spawnthusiasm


Savage Dragon 210 & Spawn 259 ON SALE NOW!

It’s a new year and I’m a little late with this—But there was a double dose of Awesome just after Christmas in case all you got was coal!! Be sure to pick up both Savage Dragon 210 for the honey moon from Hell and Spawn 259 for a honey moon IN hell. And make some noise! Let’s get some #finthusiasm can we? Be sure to pop on over to the forums or the facebook groups and let’s chat it up about it! (links for everything all on the right hand sidebars)

SavageDragon_210-1 spawn259

Savage Dragon 214 & Spawn 263 covers!!

Well well! Looks like we got another glimpse into the future! Here we see the finished colors (as well as the B&W artwork) for Savage Dragon 214! If you weren’t sure who that hulking mass is Malcolm’s brawling against, it’s not SMASH. It’s Tantrum!! Last we saw of Tantrum, Malcolm had (Shockingly) killed the infant that was infused in his chest! Well, our main man is blocking the center of Tantrum’s torso.. so I’ll be curious to see what’s going on there. Also here’s the B&W cover for Spawn 263. Spawn’s in his classic togs! I’m not sure if I’m right, but I gather from Spawn fans that he’s not been in these duds for a long time!!! This takes place post “satan saga wars” so I’m curious if there’s an impact from that (satan DOES kinda want the suit Al’s in at the moment.. so… does Spawn lose his outfit to Satan!?). Good stuff!!

sd214 sd214bw spawn263bw

Spawn Process Shot Extravaganza!

Well if you’ve been paying attention you know that Erik and Todd are collaborating on Spawn as of 2 issues ago. Very exciting stuff. The fun bonus is seeing all the process shots on social media. Erik starts it, Todd embellishes it, and FCO takes it home. Here’s a fun little sample of the process!! Here’s hoping we get some more of this. I never get tired of it.











And as a little aside, Here we have a page from Spawn and Savage Dragon which shipped the same day and Erik used the exact same layout. It’s the kind of thing you might not notice and is done just for kicks.



Savage Dragon #209 and Spawn #258 on sale now!

HEY THERE!!! Great news! There’s not one, but TWO fresh issues awaiting your reading pleasure! Spawn 258 hit last week and Savage Dragon 209 hits THIS week! So head on out to your local comic shop and pick up these funny books pronto!! Spawn in particular is extremely pulse pounding action!!