Supreme by Tom Scioli? I Like the Sound of That!

Tom Scioli recently published what looks like a mock Supreme cover on his Facebook account (see image below). Scioli’s comments about the illustration indicate that he is making a pitch to Liefeld to take over the book after Larsen exits. Or…is the image from one of the back-up tales in the giant-sized issue #68 (Larsen’s final issue)?

Tom Sciloi’s description of the illustration:

“I’ve been thinking about Supreme. Here’s a quick drawing I did of Ethan Crane in an exo-suit made of repurposed Suprematon parts vs. Mean Supreme, with Optilux in a crystal skull spaceship.”

A Commentor Stated:

“Would love to see you do Supreme now! Have you contacted the relevant people about it?”

Tom Sciloi replied:

“Yes. It’s been a long time since I chased a work-for-hire job, but I’m feeling a pull towards the character. Alan Moore’s run was a formative comic for me.”