Coming Soon: A Chat with Michel Fiffe on the Savage Fincast Podcast

download podcast finalThe Savage Fincast Podcast is pleased to announce that our 15th episode will feature comic creator, Michel Fiffe! Savage Dragon fans will recognize Michel as the editor of, and contributor to, the “Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies” series of back up stories that were featured in Savage Dragon from issue #160 to #171 and later collected as a trade with bonus stories. In addition, Michel is known fiffepreviewfor his critically acclaimed “Zegas” comic series and new monthly “COPRA” superhero comic.

Fiffe’s self-released “COPRA” comic has drawn a fair amount of buzz in the industry with multiple feature articles in Comic Book Resources, Comics Alliance, and Bleeding Cool; as well as rave reviews among the comics community in general. Equally impressive is the fact that Fiffe is a one-man army that writes, draws, colors, letters, and distributes the comic.

Join the Fincast Gang as we discuss Fiffe’s love of Savage Dragon, the creation of the Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies collection, the love of the print medium, and the development of his self-published comics. You don’t want to miss this episode! Keep your eyes peeled for it to be released shortly! In the meantime, check out what Michel’s up to and buy his comics, at his website:

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A Twisted Vicious Circle

The Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies anthology collection featured indie cartoonists taking on the world of Savage Dragon in the tradition of Marvel’s Strange Tales or DC’s Bizzaro Comics. One of my favorite strips was from Jim Rugg and Jasen Lex. Below is Jasen Lex’s take on a bunch of Vicious Circle goons. I love how Lex’s art really showcases how utterly cool and unique Larsen’s designs are.

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Video Podcast Review of Savage Dragon #175 and Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies

On the latest episode of the Comics-and-More Podcast, Patrick Markfort and Dave Ferraro take a look at  Savage Dragon #175 and the anthology based on Erik Larsen’s characters in Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies. These guys really know their Dragon comics and it shows!

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