Savage Spawn Dragon fan animated short!


That was bad ass! Short but sweet, here’s a fan animation of Savage Dragon as Spawn kicking some ass. Gotta love that style and flow of this. And for there to have been only a single image to start with as a basis there’s much more to this short than you’d think a single image could… spawn. I couldn’t help myself. 😉

Just one problem…. it really makes me hungry for more animated Savage Dragon content!!

Fantastic work by Daetrix! Check out his youtube channel if you can!


Erik Larsen Draws video!

Augie De Blieck Jr. (long time dragon fans know Augie!) was kind enough to document Erik’s one of a kind drawing style on a recent NYCC visit! And hey–William Tell Overture as a bonus!

Thanks for sharing, Augie! Be sure to follow through as Augie’s site is full of good stuff (and has a brief conversation snippet from his meeting as well)


Savage Dragon released for M.U.G.E.N.!

Well here’s an interesting bit of news! It seems like Savage Dragon has been released for Mugen! For those not in the know, Mugen is a free, fan driven 2d fighting game creation tool. It’s open source so there are tons and tons of characters out there for it (Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, Ronald McDonald, etc).
For more info on Mugen (CLICK HERE)
For the download for Savage Dragon (CLICK HERE)

And if you’d just like to see some video of Dragon in action check these out!


How Timely!! He’s fighting Spawn!! See basically all his moves here…

Here we see his intro.

Savage Dragon #207 video review

sam haze news small final version Here’s a video review for Savage Dragon #207! This fellow actually reviews Savage Dragon FAIRLY regularly so this is definitely worth checking out. I may disagree about the envelope pushing because I feel this kind of thing is what really separates a creator owned title from a corporate comic, but anyone spreading the word about our favorite funny book is definitely worth highlighting in my mind! Give it a watch:

Erik Larsen at Cartoon Museum Video!

harry interview finalThose in the know know that the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum recently hosted a night with Erik Larsen where the main man went into Savage Dragon related tales for those in attendance. So you got to see his ass kicking art AND hear the direct dirt from the dude himself. Bummed you weren’t there? Me too! Well here are some videos to ease your pain! The first one is short and sweet. Features Erik talking about Dragon’s origins (a batman ripoff!?) and the second is a longer listen going into alllll sorts of stuff. DIG IN and give it a listen!