Oh how the days are dwindling on these sweet Spawn work in progress shots. I’ve been enjoying them. Maybe we’ll get the same thing with Ant when it launches? Speaking of the Red one herself, she’s front and center in this WIP shot. Erik says he’s shooting for a silver surfer type metallic finish rather than a liquid type look.. but I guess it could still change up last sec. Anyway–Enjoy this shot and just pretend you can smell the action! Or don’t….. sewer an’ all..


ANT RUINS ANOTHER PICNIC! Spawn 266 Black & White!


Well it appears the All Mighty Ant is having a 3 way team up on the cover of Spawn 266! Here we have the black and white line work so naturally when the color cover hits I’ll be sure to hip you to that!

I have to say.. If Wanda and Maxine knew Al and Malcolm were running around with such a curvy red bottomed lady they would PROBABLY not be happy!

Well.. Maxine would probably be ok with it. Menage ANT Toi!


Spawn #261 Splash Page Process shots!

Woo! Look at these process shots Erik posted for Spawn#261! As you can see we have Satan punching the paste out of Al Simmons. Here are the black and white Erik Larsen originals: CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE


Aaaaaand the McFarlane, FCO finishing touches! Simply MAH-VUL-US!!! Spawn continues to be a stunner if you aren’t reading it do correct that!


Savage Dragon pinup by Allan Jeff!

While we’re on the topic of lovely looking Savage Dragon guest art–feast yer eyes on this baby!! Dripping with detail it’s Savage Dragon Senior in his 90’s prime (it would seem anyway). Allan was nice enough to share the line art and the finished piece. Be sure to check out more of his work here:


SPAWN 261 Black & White Cover art!

HOLY HELL! Spawn Spawn Spawn.. who would have dreamed I’d be pumped for Spawn? Yet the hype remains real and palpable. Anyway Erik unleashed this blistering demon scape recently and I can’t stop staring into the cross hatch extravaganza. Hell never looked so heavenly. Color version to come as soon as it surfaces. #finthusiasm is being met with equal amounts of #spawnthusiasm


Savage Dragon Archives Vol. 6 to hit in 2016!

Hey there! Like to buy HUGE CHUNKS of comics? Like Black and White art? Then you’re in luck! Looks like Savage Dragon Archives Vol. 6 is set to hit this year. No definitive date, but we’ll keep you in the loop when one’s pinned down!

For those not in the loop, these aren’t simple b&w reproductions. The pages are gone over again and optimized for B&W reproduction. Some effects that were done in color don’t translate well into b&w so they have to be re-done completely. It’s a labor of love and a great way to read your favorite funny in binge reading style!